Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Anniversary

It's been 1-year since we launched Iowa Birth Organization (formerly, Iowa Birth Activists)!  We've gotten a lot accomplished in year one and we've got a lot more to do too.  I am certain that on our 5th anniversary we'll have so much to celebrate, but for year one we're happy that we're still kickin'!

I've been thinking for awhile about how best to celebrate our 1-year anniversary.  We thought about a give-a-way, but we've got no money for that (ha! we are grassroots remember).  We thought about ways to drive new visitor to our pages (FB, Blog, and website), but that felt a bit too self-serving (although, then again we are grassroots!). Then a random act of kindness happened and changed my whole perspective.

On Sunday July 14th a Des Moines woman posted a photo of a receipt from a local restaurant, in which the server has purchased one of her pizzas and thanked her for breastfeeding.   Another friend had shared the image and I quickly thought that it was a great "story" to share with the Iowa Birth community.  I asked to post it to our page, and the woman said she'd love to have it shared.  Within just a few hours the photo/story had hundreds of likes and shares.  Within 48 hours over 1000 likes and nearly 300 shares.  Our facebook page also got over 50 new "fans."  I'm not sure what counts as something being viral, but for our little grassroots group that was viral! 

It was a beautiful story about kindness and support 

- women supporting women - 

not just about breastfeeding and pizza.

In honor of that act of kindness that got so much attention we are launching a Random Acts of Kindness Anniversary Party.   Everyone is invited!  For the remainder of July find [daily] ways to engage in this type of activism in your community.  As you go about "partying" with us, share your story. Think of all the ways we can build each other up, and remember how simple it is to be kind.

 There is no better way that I can think of to mark our anniversary than to make others feel loved and supported.  

Let's pay it forward Iowa! 

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