Monday, August 26, 2013

Why a rally?

“Rally for change, huh?” 

Perhaps you’ve heard something similar, a bit of confusion about what this rally is really all about and what it is intended to accomplish. 

“What kind of change?” “How are you going to know if makes a difference?”

The Improving Birth Labor Day Rally is a symbol. It’s a national (global) display of unity.  It’s a moment in time when we all stand together to show that although sometimes we feel like we are few (in our communities) we truly are many.  There are many who know how important the issue of how we conduct birth in our country is.  There are many who want to see this change.  There are many who know that we can do so much better. 
The rally is also much more than this symbol.  I know, this symbolic gesture is still a little ambiguous for some folks.  I know they might appreciate it, but they want a more concrete explanation about what the rally is really for.  “What’s the point?”

It’s a rally.  Simply put.   Just like the high school homecoming football game pep rally or the rally cry for battle.  It is simply that – a rally.  It is a gathering of community for a single purpose – to put their energy towards the mission ahead.  The game.  The battle.  The rally is NOT the game, it’s the build-up to the game.  A rally is a time to feel the energy of the community surging toward the same vision – winning. 

We recognize that “the game” is different in every community.  They global rally is a stage to come together on the issues that we are all collectively battling.   It’s a time to unify and build relationships and networks; to harness the energy of all those collective supporters.  The point is to use this energy to go forward in your communities and play the game!  The rally is not the game.

I am improving birth because…I believe that:
  • ·         Just one woman reporting that she felt: manipulated, taken advantage of, or disrespected
  • ·         Just one baby who is unnecessarily isolated from the mother and family for the first moments of life
  • ·         Just one mother’s partner who feels the least important member of the birth
  • ·         Just one doctor or nurse who feels that outdated policies are hindering their ability to provide evidence-based care

Is one too many.

I am joining a rally in my local community because I believe that respect, humanity, and evidence-based care should be the norm, not the exception when it comes to childbirth. 

I am rallying to improve birth because change for tomorrow starts with me today.  Let your voice be heard.  Rally!

~ Mandi Hardy Hillman

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